Sing a-long with Me –> “… Everything is Awesome….”


I’m tellin ya … a beautiful end of summer day in Colorado will make you sing this song for sure! …  We’ve been sitting between high 80’s and mid 90’s for weeks it seems … and a coupla days ago … we got rain, it was cold-ish … I mean, we got to break out the sweatshirts for real!!  Got down to mid 40’s … wuh-hooo!   Don’t get me wrong .. I love our summers, but 75 is really perfect …. for hiking, biking, football, volleyball .. uh, yeah, everything.

Speaking of biking — I FINALLY got on a mountain bike in the fabulous Park City, UT .. Yup, I’m a fan now … will hold the super fan label until I get my own and make sure I still love it.   Ok, of course I’ll still love it!  And the bike is blue!?!   It’ll be a Win-Win, no doubt.  I love my cruiser … it’s cool – has a beer/bottle opener on it .. like any good cruiser, duh.  It’s all retro with a head light that looks like an airplane engine … yeah, not gonna lie .. was one of my best buys — plus, the $ went to a family we know and love (New Belgium offered it at Charity event for them).  As much as I love this bike … I found out this past week how danged heavy it is and how much harder it is to ride up and down hills with just the one gear!  How, you may ask, could I have remained oblivious to the wonders of a bike with big(ger) tires and 8 gears?!  I can’t say really – except that the last 10 speed I had was from 25years ago — Schwinn Road bike .. Well, maybe that’s the answer right there.  Certainly, I had heard the newer bikes were lighter weight … whatever … But, Sho nuff!!  Big fan.  (and … if you’re curious … it’s  Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 – men’s small .. see

… Back to Park City.  This town is cool, because it kind of gave the ole finger to the rest of the state of Utah when they thought it wasn’t “proper” enough.  Gotta love a rebel!  Way to hang in there Parkites!  I have to admit, when we first got there I got the feeling it may have been a tad snooty, like Aspen … but I found it was not.  Whew.  Yes, yes, I love Aspen .. or the valley (Carbondale area) before you get to it .. Wow, ok – sidebar:  I was -just- about to type “but not a fan of highfaluting” … then I thought, wait, I like expensive things too .. and when I buy my #Patek, it’s not gonna make ME anymore snooty or ‘highfalutin” .. sooooooooo, why would I assume those people are???  That sure is a little hypocritical if I do say so myself.   Soooooo, let me clarify … I’m not a fan of pretentious people … who is? – Unless you are one, I suppose, but then .. you’d hardly realize it yourself if so … right?  Right.   Anyway — Nice catch Millie … geez, that directing your mind stuff is really starting to take hold a bit more … Thanks Napoleon Hill!

While we’re chattin about affirmations … watch this little bug … If you haven’t already .. seriously .. take the 2.15 mins or so and crank it up … You’ll be glad … your house (other humans and pets in it) … your soul … you know, just everyone will be better for it!

right? — So danged cute.

Now … Park City … here you go … we hiked the Mid-Mountain trail … from the Town lift over to Crescent … 2.5-ish miles .. and I think Clooney’s fitbit put it at the equivalent of 68 (or 73?) flights of stairs.  Nice lil hike — great scenery and enough shade from the Aspen and Pine trees to make the straight sun at that altitude ok (and .. psssst, the pines smelled Amazing!!).  If I could put in an order to the Big Guy, I’d have only asked for a waterfall … just a little one.  Then, it would’ve been perfection for a few hour jaunt.  We nearly had the mountain to ourselves it seemed – Clooney suspected it was because school is about to start or what have you … it didn’t matter why, but it was sure nice!


ParkCity Mountain1 ParkCity Mountain2 BikinParkCity


So … back home after that super weekend that Clooney surprised me with …                                             (what a guy!)

… and Lovin’ the spectacular Colorado Blue (almost) Fall sky … Bright sunshine, green grass .. bit of a breeze … and finally, hummingbirds that we’ve been tryin to get to the house for two summers now …. (unfortunately, wasps too happen to be fans of the sugar water … they chase the birds off).

Damn wasps …

But —

“Everything is Awesome … ”  sing it – I know you want to!



Millie …


Oops .. I did try a new red there, ’twas a house wine (don’t recall the name) .. but loved the guy who brought it out to me .. “well .. uh, hope you don’t mind … guess I never learned exactly what a Park City 5oz’er looks like … so, here ya go Miss!” … Nearly spilled over was so full …. did I mention … I love a rebel??!!!


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