Thank God … and the Universe … and the angels …

Yeah, Really …

Talk about grateful … and relieved and even a little sad .. (this last one is temporary!) …

Just two days ago, I had a most unlikely (but happy) event occur.  For no particular reason, a pilot near me and I started to talk.  It began benignly, but out of the blue .. and I can’t even say I really realized it until later in the conversation, but we just “clicked”.

The conversation was real, not forced, not “oh, we both work here, let’s be polite.”  It was quickly familiar, like he was my brother that I could trust with my innermost thoughts (I know, I know, it sounds dramatic … but seriously!!).  We just babbled on until the job interrupted and I could tell, like me .. he was pleasantly surprised and a little disappointed we couldn’t sit under a tree or on a mountain or a dock and yack about anything and everything for awhile.   Totally random and awesomely incredible..

The VERY BEST thing about this was that I woke up to that feeling!!!   Somewhere inside a voice yelled — Oh my God .. thank you!!  I’d forgotten how it felt to feel comfortable and safe (if you will) and completely understood.  WoW.  You know what I mean?   You know when you have an opinion, or an idea and because you don’t know the person you’re talking to well .. you kind of make sure it’s put in politically correct jargon?   Heck, even if it is someone you know .. but they don’t ‘get’ you .. so you have to over explain, or even just know you’re being judged by them anyway …. Well, this was NOTHING like that.  This chat among strangers who must know each other from another life .. (because, how else do you explain this?) .. was shiny and real and honest.  And such a flippin relief!!!!!

I really had come to the conclusion that I wasn’t made to have someone in my life that I could ever feel that way with.  I had given up .. Now that I think about it .. I have even lately,  been thinking how unfortunate it is for people to be with someone who doesn’t get them (you) at all. They think they love you and tell you so … but then they lie .. and hide things and wonder why you are disconnected?  But even before you knew they lie and always judge (even in their own automatic but probably non-premeditated way), and don’t really even know you … you may not have even known how important that all really was/is.  So, you wonder … how many people out there just jumped on the relationship wagon without even being smart enough (not fair maybe, but that’s it, in simplest terms … maybe unaware is more ‘pc’ .. 🙂 ) to choose well?  Were we just in a hurry?   Or were we just physically attracted to someone so failed to wait for, watch for .. demand all the rest?

That’s a question for the ages I suppose.  I am just thankful and a little trepiditious now of the realization that ..hey .. Millie, this does exist!!  For you too!!  I have to admit, last night and again this afternoon, I cried because that comfort and safety and knowing that it’ll always be “ok” because you have that other person, your lobster and partner for life … is still just out of my reach .. for now, I know it’s possible … and I finally am old enough to know that THAT is what life is really about.

I can make do even if this feeling never slides into my sphere again … but after my drive in the rain with the music I used to be twirled around to thundering through my speakers … the sun shone … and I knew … It’s allllll good.     Whew!

Love Millie,


Yes, of course this story of happenstance was accompanied by a lovely little Red.  This is from Distant Cellars a Red Wine Blend from Fiddletown (great name right?!), Amador County, Cali — and is a Tribute wine for the National Fallen FIre Fighters Foundation.  Click the link if you would like to support their cause .. (it’s a fantastic one that really benefits the FireFighters!) .. or of course, you can buy and enjoy the wine! 😉   


I vote for the ^^ 2nd option ^^!


Oh .. and I’d like to live here … 

Thanks…. Smootch.


Happy Birthday ‘Merica ! We love you dearly ..

Well, I do.

I cannot tell you how lovely today was … I got the day to myself ..  Just me and my wine …

This wine, by the way, is great … Columbia Crest, the 2014 Red Blend … It’s not too sweet .. it’s really perfect.

I’ve been traveling a bit .. and working too much (I retired right?!) … but, today … was all mine … and I enjoyed reading my friends’ blog … Chet Dexter … erotica .. wow.  Did I say Wow?! It’s hot, just sayin’ …

Beyond that, I trimmed and watered the plants … wandered through Nordstrom’s rack without having to hurry … ran some errands, picked up this little red .. sigh ..

We put a TV out on the patio … you know, getting ready for football season .. So, having recently been to Tuscany, I have put on the fan favorite #UnderTheTuscanSun .. and have already seen in it, a couple places we visited!   So, a lovely red wine .. the beautiful Colorado summer night … a good movie … and time.  All gifts, right?

Oh, and Lai …. her dialogue reminds me of how you write!  In fact, seriously, I would’ve nearly said you wrote some of the lines!!  I’d forgotten what a “girl power” flick, this is…   Plus, it makes me want to go back to Tuscany … and rent a villa with a pool and stay.  .. until Oct 17, is that too long? … Nah.

So, Ok, Yes! ~ as the foremen in the movie would say …

Have a safe night … and much love to our Country … the best one there is … The nay-sayers can stay forever elsewhere …. I’ll tell you more about that later …. I don’t want to taint this day …


~m ..


Did I mention I tried on some #Gucci shoes today? – Let me say, I loved LOVED them … who knew?!  They were by far the most comfortable and beautiful I tried today .. They were afterall, made in Italy . 🙂

Of course, they’re still at the store, I must wait for them to come down to under $100 .. geesh.

Siri say’s it’s 44 Degrees … I don’t believe him ..

Yes, it’s a him … I chose the (my opinion) hot Australian man’s voice when a friend told me about it … I find I don’t get quite so annoyed with him as I did the female Siri.  Seriously though … Siri doesn’t know ANYTHING anymore … remember when she first showed up on the scene? — You could ask questions and get real answers…. I swear I’ve only gotten “hhhhmm, here’s a website to check out .. ” kind of BS answers in over a year or more.   Stupid.   But, I keep the bugger on to set reminders and tell me what the temperature is outside …

44° …. nah, I mean it can’t be .. I’m in my backyard .. yep, the fabulous Colorado yard with a covered porch … and it’s hot! Ok, not hot .. but not 44 degrees.  I have a sunburn on my right leg .. and it’s January 23rd.   Lovely.

When I got back from the gym today, I made breakfast and could not not be outside!  It’s like a warm April morning … the tip of Spring .. and .. ok, overkill.  I get it.  It is January .. and we’ve got tons and tons of snow and cold days ahead .. No big.  I did though, pop into the mindset of “let’s do this!” and got caught up on some of my magazine reading and email junk.  It doesn’t sound like much, but even getting through one or two magazines in my pile make me feel like I’ve accomplished something .. however small! 🙂

Now, I’m contemplating Cuba … Yes, it’s the next destination on the agenda!  When I was cutting up mango this morning I was hoping there’d be plenty of them there … and man alive, I sure hope I can find someone to tell me how to pick a perfect one!  Seriously – one out of 5 I buy is perfect .. but that’s just luck .. what is the secret?! – Ok, I’m off topic again..  But in any case, I’m getting more excited for the trip! Warm sun and mango and the Viñales Valley… Caving (is that a word?) .. the sea, the people .. having to carry a lot of cash – (ugh! – don’t like this part) … but back to the good stuff … horses, old cars, music, dancing, the sea, history, the Food! …. Cuba … bring it baby!!    

Viñales Valley Photo by: Severin.stalder  


The top picture is of the Viñales Valley, as noted – the two in the middle are of Havana … and the bottom … the Museum of the Revolution – beautiful isn’t it? – Can’t wait to see it in person … it’s near a little bar (see below) we’re going to have to swing into …

So … then, the wine … we know Havana has rum and La Bodeguita del Medio (This is where the mojito was invented .. and it’s said to be one of Ernest Hemingway’s two favorite bars in Havana) ~ can’t wait to check it out …. But … are we going to be able to find a local fabulous red? … I say, Of course we will!

Stay tuned.   Going back to my GardenandGun … and CondeNast .. and the sunshine …

Cheers and love,


Isn’t Fall the Best?!

Collectively … I think we (or most of us) will say Yes!!!   The nights are cool, the days are a perfect 65-75 degrees …. blue skies … changing colors, perfect for football and the end to waiting to pull out our favorite sweatshirts!   Woo-hoo!!  Dig out those levi’s girls, and cozy up in your favorite fluffy socks and stuff.

Also, it’s the last time some of us will be grabbing the cool white wines of summer.  My daughter and I found a Chilean Wine … from #HuantaVinyard called Mayu at one of the local restaurants… Cafe Vino.  mayuThis crisp light Pedro Ximénez was recommended by our waitress and was spot on to accompany our wild mushroom and fresh spinach pizza.  In fact, as you see, it’s in my house now – we had to pick some up (lucky to find it in town).  So … try it if/when you can … it’s like warm sunshine with a grin.  You’ll love it.  Promise.

I’ve got to say, the vortex I was in when I began to write has slowed down – the gold, red and still green leaves are hollering at me … “Come out here already!!” … So, I’m out … fresh cool air and the sunny Colorado skies are good for the body and soul .. a bit cliché no doubt, but true none the less.  Just have to decide if I’m to wrestle with all 3 dogs … or jump on that great new bike of mine …. Ponder Ponder Ponder …


Love, Millie

P.S.  … the bike is winning ..




Baby Blue — Was the Color of her Eyes …..

So, Yeah … I found this new wine.  I chose it, as I often do .. from the cool label.  I picked it for a new venture …. to somehow connect with the women/girls of our world when they need to cry or puke on their friends .. ya know …?   Spill it all?  And be safe? – I didn’t expect to love it so much!!    But here you go folks …. Baby Blue … by #BlueRock, #Sonoma County … a Red Blend.  Buy it!! You’ll love it.

Are you singing in your head the song by George Strait?  I am .. and it’s probably one of the 5 of his I don’t really like.  It’s not that it wasn’t/isn’t a good song .. because it is … It’s heartfelt and heart wrenching… and oh, so sad.  That’s why it’s not on my “love it” list.  It’s about his daughter that was killed and it breaks my heart, dammit.   Sooooooo, QUIT singing that song … think instead of a lovely person with eyes that shine with joy and mischief!  Think of the Blue Colorado sky …. or the colors of the sea .. the farther out you go, the deeper blue it gets … the color of the sky surrounding the harvest moon … think of that!   Beautiful and compelling.   Yes, that is this #RedBlend from Blue Rock … may I say thank you now for producing such a gem.  Another blue gem, pour moi!  Merci beaucoup.

Avec amour, à votre santé!


Sing a-long with Me –> “… Everything is Awesome….”


I’m tellin ya … a beautiful end of summer day in Colorado will make you sing this song for sure! …  We’ve been sitting between high 80’s and mid 90’s for weeks it seems … and a coupla days ago … we got rain, it was cold-ish … I mean, we got to break out the sweatshirts for real!!  Got down to mid 40’s … wuh-hooo!   Don’t get me wrong .. I love our summers, but 75 is really perfect …. for hiking, biking, football, volleyball .. uh, yeah, everything.

Speaking of biking — I FINALLY got on a mountain bike in the fabulous Park City, UT .. Yup, I’m a fan now … will hold the super fan label until I get my own and make sure I still love it.   Ok, of course I’ll still love it!  And the bike is blue!?!   It’ll be a Win-Win, no doubt.  I love my cruiser … it’s cool – has a beer/bottle opener on it .. like any good cruiser, duh.  It’s all retro with a head light that looks like an airplane engine … yeah, not gonna lie .. was one of my best buys — plus, the $ went to a family we know and love (New Belgium offered it at Charity event for them).  As much as I love this bike … I found out this past week how danged heavy it is and how much harder it is to ride up and down hills with just the one gear!  How, you may ask, could I have remained oblivious to the wonders of a bike with big(ger) tires and 8 gears?!  I can’t say really – except that the last 10 speed I had was from 25years ago — Schwinn Road bike .. Well, maybe that’s the answer right there.  Certainly, I had heard the newer bikes were lighter weight … whatever … But, Sho nuff!!  Big fan.  (and … if you’re curious … it’s  Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 – men’s small .. see

… Back to Park City.  This town is cool, because it kind of gave the ole finger to the rest of the state of Utah when they thought it wasn’t “proper” enough.  Gotta love a rebel!  Way to hang in there Parkites!  I have to admit, when we first got there I got the feeling it may have been a tad snooty, like Aspen … but I found it was not.  Whew.  Yes, yes, I love Aspen .. or the valley (Carbondale area) before you get to it .. Wow, ok – sidebar:  I was -just- about to type “but not a fan of highfaluting” … then I thought, wait, I like expensive things too .. and when I buy my #Patek, it’s not gonna make ME anymore snooty or ‘highfalutin” .. sooooooooo, why would I assume those people are???  That sure is a little hypocritical if I do say so myself.   Soooooo, let me clarify … I’m not a fan of pretentious people … who is? – Unless you are one, I suppose, but then .. you’d hardly realize it yourself if so … right?  Right.   Anyway — Nice catch Millie … geez, that directing your mind stuff is really starting to take hold a bit more … Thanks Napoleon Hill!

While we’re chattin about affirmations … watch this little bug … If you haven’t already .. seriously .. take the 2.15 mins or so and crank it up … You’ll be glad … your house (other humans and pets in it) … your soul … you know, just everyone will be better for it!

right? — So danged cute.

Now … Park City … here you go … we hiked the Mid-Mountain trail … from the Town lift over to Crescent … 2.5-ish miles .. and I think Clooney’s fitbit put it at the equivalent of 68 (or 73?) flights of stairs.  Nice lil hike — great scenery and enough shade from the Aspen and Pine trees to make the straight sun at that altitude ok (and .. psssst, the pines smelled Amazing!!).  If I could put in an order to the Big Guy, I’d have only asked for a waterfall … just a little one.  Then, it would’ve been perfection for a few hour jaunt.  We nearly had the mountain to ourselves it seemed – Clooney suspected it was because school is about to start or what have you … it didn’t matter why, but it was sure nice!


ParkCity Mountain1 ParkCity Mountain2 BikinParkCity


So … back home after that super weekend that Clooney surprised me with …                                             (what a guy!)

… and Lovin’ the spectacular Colorado Blue (almost) Fall sky … Bright sunshine, green grass .. bit of a breeze … and finally, hummingbirds that we’ve been tryin to get to the house for two summers now …. (unfortunately, wasps too happen to be fans of the sugar water … they chase the birds off).

Damn wasps …

But —

“Everything is Awesome … ”  sing it – I know you want to!



Millie …


Oops .. I did try a new red there, ’twas a house wine (don’t recall the name) .. but loved the guy who brought it out to me .. “well .. uh, hope you don’t mind … guess I never learned exactly what a Park City 5oz’er looks like … so, here ya go Miss!” … Nearly spilled over was so full …. did I mention … I love a rebel??!!!


Featured Image compliments of “”

.. The Velvet Devil … another great WA state Merlot!

It’s grande.  Another new favorite … not too sweet.  In fact, it’s the perfect accompaniment to an end of the day … which is also the end of a long working relationship with a fabulous woman.  I’ve always loved her story telling .. she’s the best.  She somehow adds the perfect faces, noises and actions to accentuate each story .. no matter if it’s about her kids, the dogs .. the horses .. the crazy lady she just got off the phone with … or the guy with a speech impediment! hahaha … (Don’t be judge-y … it’s hilarious .. especially because it’s she, who was the self deprecated subject of the story!).

I will miss seeing her most every day and hearing her stories.  Plus, she is so flippin smart and her ideas and opinions are SO well stated.  I always wished I had had those skills.  Her pragmatic way of thinking about some things (politics, unions, friends, horse ailments/competitions and work issues) shows such clarity and lineal thought process … is polar opposite from her emotional, worrying, ‘Oh no, I messed that up, I wonder if they hate me” other way of thinking.  She’s such an interesting, diverse person.  The best thing is, though … and the most important, if I may say so, is – her heart is huge!!! And good. She loves big and gives big .. They’re lucky to get to keep her …and her family and friends are lucky to have her too.

We’ve pledged to “get together once a month .. to grab a cocktail and catch up” … I’m all in for the try .. however … I also realize every other month is more realistic … Even though I’m hopeful for the former.  Wish us girls luck!

TheVelvetDevel Cheers!


P.S.  If you’d like to leave a comment, please do!

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Ok … so, yeah … Quit and .. ‘oh shit’?

Hi .. and

NO!!    I have to say …. I’ve not felt the ‘oh shit’ bug bite me at all!!   So exciting.

I’m in the “can’t wait to be done, even though it’s kind of scary to leave without having another job, but what I really want to do is take a year off anyway to … LIVE!  TRAVEL! and De-STRESS, so why worry? stage”.  It’s a little bit of a battle in the brain, albeit a small one.  Un petit peu.

This could be the beginning of my start up … and my immersion into another culture (and it’s language) for a couple months .. which would not only take care of the ‘travel’ part mentioned above, but also it would be a boon for my next job search, whenever, if ever that may be! … Ok, not ‘if’ ever .. definitely ‘whenever’ … I can’t imagine (really) not working.  I’ve worked full-time since I was in high school and really — as much as I want to not worry about it … of course I will.  Geesh.  It just doesn’t feel natural for me not to be employed.  But then again .. my work could (and will, in a sense, especially if I do my start up thing) be philanthropy .. right?  Is that really work?  … I suppose in the way it would occupy my time and my brain it might be considered a job of sorts – but I kind of think it’ll mostly just feel fine and right.

Seriously though, each time something reminds me of the ‘job’ I am leaving … I sigh with relief inside and say “self, that is NOT your problem, let’s pour a glass of wine!”  And I do!  Ok, I do unless I have to drive somewhere, but today I don’t … so, good for me.   Speaking of the red … I mixed an old favorite that I fell out of love with (Adelsheim’s Pinot) with a Grand Vin de Bordeaux – (Chãteau Vrai Caillou ~ Bordeaux Supérieur) which I am very fond of.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel strongly about Adelsheim .. but it’s a strong like now vs love.  Weird how that changes.  But c’est la guerre, non?  Oui!

Maybe I can get through my 7 magazines on the night stand?   Perhaps even a couple of the books?  I can practice meditation more often and get that baby nailed down so I can turn on the benefits with a blink of an eye, instead of a quizzical stare before I am interrupted by a foreign body (meaning someone other than me or my dogs) in the house.

I do realize that at least 3 of those things that I want to do and have not done, are simply organizational snafus’ of which I am the offending non-doer.  But still.  Really, I’m hoping to breathe .. and be … and breathe .. until I no longer feel like I have to cram everything into 2 days …

Finishing up with this broken record – the best part will be having (more) real things to write about 🙂

Gonna pour that 2nd glass of my Pinot Bordeaux and pop in a flick.


~m                             daisyrain



Not like a Pirate .. like a person frustrated.

Whine … not wine .. is the theme here.   I’m ready to quit my job.  How exciting right? — Oui!!!   Seriously …. the thought even tastes good!

Tonight, I met one dissenter.  One who didn’t say “OmG .. great idea!” .. Instead, she said .. “No!  Don’t do it!” … You won’t be able to retire.

But then I think .. Who the F cares really?!  Because, let me tell you … a job that sucks your lifes’ blood and soul isn’t really the best thing for you.

We should do a job that fills us with .. joy? … A sense of accomplishment? .. A feeling of “Right ON!!” … then, as the pervasive thought goes .. ‘it’s not really work’ .. right?  Right.

So … Gawd, the part of me that knows leaving this place will be good for my entire being .. says ‘what the hell are you waiting for?!??’ …   The other, responsible part says ‘are you crazy???   You can’t do that .. what if you don’t find another job when you want one?!  Then what? .. You’re screwed then right?’ …


Ok, so a Chianti is popping into my thoughts … @PastaJay’s in Boulder the other day .. had a perfect lil red (Chianti) … with Bridgette.  Was nice to catch up .. before she runs off to Europe again w/out me.  🙁

Wish I had a glass now .. Maybe the wine would help me dig deeper .. and “know” .. ?   Or not so much.



We don’t always get what we want ….

Right?  Of course not.   Here I am, having just shared that with one of my favorite people.  My youngest.   I love her chutzpah and fire and goodness.  I love her stubbornness and clarity.  I love her decisiveness and her usually open mind.  She’s quick to judge sometimes, as am I.  We’re usually not wrong .. but sometimes it takes more ‘watching’ and understanding to come to a real, solid and steadfast conclusion.  Again, oftentimes that watching and understanding just confirms the initial impression/thought/opinion … but sometimes it does not.

I’m really thankful for those times I have mentioned to myself (and more importantly someone else!) a ‘hint’ of one of those incorrect impressions (I can really only think of two that I’ve been wrong about).  Because, both times, I was given another way to think about the people in question.  And .. both times, I opened my mind and eyes … looked, watched closer and saw (see) the more of the truth, (from my limited vantage point) in both cases.  Anyhow, the corrected view allowed me to see deeper into the hearts of those two people, and again, I’m grateful for it.

This kind of sounds hypocritical to me now, as I write this because even though I have opened my mind for a few … I still refuse to go any “wider”, on that open mind front for some others.  But, in my defense … I will say, I tried like hell to open my mind up as big as possible for those ‘others’ and they shit on my attempt by reminding me that .. like Maya Angelou says “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time”.

Hmmmm, so I will retract the hypocritical comment.  I’m not hypocritical … I guess it’s just too bad that we (I) can’t get to that place of understanding or forgiveness with all people.  I guess, as much as we all want to be super human … we’re just human.   That’s ok .. it’s that we try .. right?  Right!

Anyway … more from Maya .. love her thoughts!

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
Maya Angelou, All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”
Maya Angelou

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
Maya Angelou

“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.”
Maya Angelou

Obviously, I find much wisdom in Maya’s words.  Any intelligent person will of course.  The words and thoughts are inherently in us.  What I love knowing, by reading her (and others) of previous generations is that we all think the same things … in general .. I mean, we all can use the same types of encouragement and and enlightenment as it were .. 200 years ago, 100, 50 and less … We’re all still looking for the same things .. and need the same things to thrive .. (when I say the “same” .. you know I don’t mean THE SAME, right?! ha) … We all need our own special, unique fulfillment.

So, I’m rambling and will stop now.   Tis a gorgeous summer day and I’m going to go fill up on it! 🙂

…. I will leave with this one …

“Make every effort to change things you do not like. If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking. You might find a new solution.”
Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter