Isn’t Fall the Best?!

Collectively … I think we (or most of us) will say Yes!!!   The nights are cool, the days are a perfect 65-75 degrees …. blue skies … changing colors, perfect for football and the end to waiting to pull out our favorite sweatshirts!   Woo-hoo!!  Dig out those levi’s girls, and cozy up in your favorite fluffy socks and stuff.

Also, it’s the last time some of us will be grabbing the cool white wines of summer.  My daughter and I found a Chilean Wine … from #HuantaVinyard called Mayu at one of the local restaurants… Cafe Vino.  mayuThis crisp light Pedro Ximénez was recommended by our waitress and was spot on to accompany our wild mushroom and fresh spinach pizza.  In fact, as you see, it’s in my house now – we had to pick some up (lucky to find it in town).  So … try it if/when you can … it’s like warm sunshine with a grin.  You’ll love it.  Promise.

I’ve got to say, the vortex I was in when I began to write has slowed down – the gold, red and still green leaves are hollering at me … “Come out here already!!” … So, I’m out … fresh cool air and the sunny Colorado skies are good for the body and soul .. a bit cliché no doubt, but true none the less.  Just have to decide if I’m to wrestle with all 3 dogs … or jump on that great new bike of mine …. Ponder Ponder Ponder …


Love, Millie

P.S.  … the bike is winning ..




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