Happy Birthday ‘Merica ! We love you dearly ..

Well, I do.

I cannot tell you how lovely today was … I got the day to myself ..  Just me and my wine …

This wine, by the way, is great … Columbia Crest, the 2014 Red Blend … It’s not too sweet .. it’s really perfect.

I’ve been traveling a bit .. and working too much (I retired right?!) … but, today … was all mine … and I enjoyed reading my friends’ blog … Chet Dexter … erotica .. wow.  Did I say Wow?! It’s hot, just sayin’ …

Beyond that, I trimmed and watered the plants … wandered through Nordstrom’s rack without having to hurry … ran some errands, picked up this little red .. sigh ..

We put a TV out on the patio … you know, getting ready for football season .. So, having recently been to Tuscany, I have put on the fan favorite #UnderTheTuscanSun .. and have already seen in it, a couple places we visited!   So, a lovely red wine .. the beautiful Colorado summer night … a good movie … and time.  All gifts, right?

Oh, and Lai …. her dialogue reminds me of how you write!  In fact, seriously, I would’ve nearly said you wrote some of the lines!!  I’d forgotten what a “girl power” flick, this is…   Plus, it makes me want to go back to Tuscany … and rent a villa with a pool and stay.  .. until Oct 17, is that too long? … Nah.

So, Ok, Yes! ~ as the foremen in the movie would say …

Have a safe night … and much love to our Country … the best one there is … The nay-sayers can stay forever elsewhere …. I’ll tell you more about that later …. I don’t want to taint this day …


~m ..


Did I mention I tried on some #Gucci shoes today? – Let me say, I loved LOVED them … who knew?!  They were by far the most comfortable and beautiful I tried today .. They were afterall, made in Italy . 🙂

Of course, they’re still at the store, I must wait for them to come down to under $100 .. geesh.

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