Step aside water ~ This is a job for Wine!

Hi there …

Of course, we’re all ever more brilliant after indulging in a bit of the red … right?

After several glasses of the stuff were imbibed, some ever inspired, fluid and thoughtful prose was sent to my buddy Adelaide ~ (‘Lai’).  She included in her return letter the epiphany, “You should write, Millie!”

So, the decision was made to put musings in a blog of sorts … a few pithy stories and thoughts ~ and the occasional letter exchange ~

I REALLY DO love Red Wine ~ In these letters and anecdotes some of those favorite wines … and even the not-so-favorites will be shared ~ along with experiences encouraged by the vine …

My friend, Lai will lend her wit and charm on occasion.  Just so you’ll get a bit of her personality …  Her words to me after our first sleepover (we were 14 or so) were, “Wow, you look like shit in the morning!”

and so it began………

Some grins, tears, ideas, adventures and challenges  … will be shared, all while sampling les rouges (et les blancs!) & sneaking away from life long enough to write.  So, as this endeavor morphs,  I invite you to join me.   I hope you’ll share some of your stories too.


~Millie (m)



 . . . In wine, there’s truth

 ~ Pliny the Elder